Thursday, 1 October 2015

Live each day like it’s your last..

Hello and welcome to blog number 6 in the #Daneyblogs series. What a week it has been! I’m dedicating this blog to 2 key characters from my working life who have sadly passed away this week and I want to share what I’ve learned from this.

I’d like to firstly say how saddened I am to hear that the fabulous, Helen Morton (an awesome Acorn I worked with in my Acorn Enterprise role) has passed away. She was a wonderful, inspirational woman full of fun and drive for her business Akelas Den. I feel privileged to have known and worked with her and offer my sincere condolences to her amazing other half, Darrian, her family and closer friends. Fly high, Helen. You’re gone, but you certainly won’t be forgotten.

I’d secondly like to say how sad I am to hear that ‘Willie’ an absolutely gentleman I was lucky to work with in my first proper job at Asda has sadly passed away today. I remember ‘Willie’ fondly from a time when I was 17, working as a bakery cleaner, finding my way around life and trying to earn a bit of money when I had first started college. ‘Willie’ was a gem. He was a perfectionist and even though I was only cleaning tiled walls and a big mixing bowls, he made sure I did it right and in turn I had pride in my work and developed good attention to detail – which is crucial in any job! He was a character, a hard-worker and a gentleman. I offer my sincere condolences to his family.

So what has the passing of these two true characters taught me?

It’s simple really. It’s taught me and reaffirmed three things:

1)    Live each day to the full, as tomorrow is not promised. Two fantastic characters I’ve known have sadly left us. They are not here to wake up tomorrow. They’re not here to see the sun or have a blether with, and they’ve left their nearest and dearest with heavy hearts, but have left a trail of fantastic memories which will give us comfort in their passing


2)    Appreciate the people you have in your life: It sounds clichéd, but I genuinely have the best people in my life. I’m a lucky guy and feel over-whelmed at times just how loved, and cared for I am. In times I’ve been really down and feeling out, I’m always pushed right back up again, and I fight on, fight to leave my mark and make a difference in my world.  You can too! And if you’re reading this, I’m more than likely cheering you on right now to do it!


3)    Money isn’t everything: I’ve had the ongoing worry (like the rest of us) about money, and about making ends meet, and have dreamed about making it big and had the same fantasies as the rest of us-  big ‘hoose’ fancy cars (well….. learning to drive first would be a start!!) but do you know what….. my health and my happiness is worth more to me than any sum of money could ever mean....


Fly high Helen. Fly high Willie.
Sorely missed you will be.


Daney over and out for now!      

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