Wednesday, 23 September 2015

When opportunity knocks, you get change for the bus and go!

When opportunity knocks, you get change for the bus and go!

Hello and welcome to blog number 5 in the #daneyblogs series. Since blog number 4 (Why the Employ Daney campaign is not a joke), it’s been all go go go here. I’ve been busy applying for more jobs, I’ve set the menu and date for my #ComeDaneWithMe event (6th October by the way!). Oh! And most excitingly, my Employ Daney campaign got a Retweet and support from my Birds of a Feather idol (I know! So exciting!), Linda Robson (aka. Tracey Stubbs!).

Ok, before I go off on another Birds of a Feather….  Why am I writing this blog? Simple! today saw me pluck up the courage and attend a big entrepreneur and business focussed event called Opportunity Knocks in order to get myself out there networking again! I’ve made a vow to myself to network regularly to meet more people in my industry, and continue to build on my confidence again.

Coming across this year’s Opportunity Knocks event was purely by chance! I was putting my own event #ComeDaneWithMe on Eventbrite, and it showed up and it made me smile.

Why did it make me smile?

Looking at the Opportunity Knocks details, I smiled as I remembered attending it last year. I proudly networked and represented an organisation, I had my fellow team members in tow for support and to cheer-lead each other on, and life was pretty settled for me then.

This year attending, I attended today currently in-between jobs, I represented no-one but myself…. Now that scared and scares me! But, it got me thinking…. That’s what my entrepreneur friends/ acquaintances are doing every-day! And very well I may add! I was amongst people today who are so inspiring, so dynamic, so ‘get up and go’ that it put me at ease, and once I stopped the self-nagging ‘they’ll be thinking why is he here… he doesn’t own his own business, Employ Daney… what’s that like!’, I really enjoyed it and my dash late at night to Tesco to get change for the bus today was well worth it. Oh and Yazoo Milkshake was the change breaker! You could say that Yazoo got me on that bus? No? Ok then…

Daney highlights

So with the event being all day, and with so many cool people interacted with, I’d like to share with you the best parts of the day for me.

·         Chatting with the stall hosts- they were very welcoming and inspiring! Although I took the time to speak to many, the one who really shone, who was a delight to speak to was Fiona, the owner of BitzBags. She was lovely, approachable, nailed her summary of her business. Absolutely shone with professionalism, passion for her business and I wish her all the best!


·         The guys of ‘Flavourly’ on the main stage. Those two were fantastic. I really enjoyed and felt privileged to have been in the audience to hear their story. The water bottles though! Very nice touch! I wish I had thought about that back when I had taken my exams!



·         Bumping into familiar faces (which is always great and put me right at ease!), I got to bump into an old employer of mine who I really admire and respect. Our quick chat revealed that all is going very well with his business, which is fantastic! And he loves my campaign and said to keep going. Win-Win!

·         I also bumped into a fab uni friend of mine, she’s an account manager for a PR agency. I loved hearing about the great work she’s doing and I’m so grateful for her support for my Employ Daney campaign  


Key things I learned from today


·         It’s okay to have my ideas challenged – don’t be so defensive – it’s not personal


-       I’ve been working very hard to find a new job, and have really worked hard on my Employ Daney campaign, and at times have found criticism of it quite hard and hurtful. However, I’m getting more comfortable with hearing constructive criticism of the campaign. If people don’t tell me, how will I learn and develop it? I’m working on the mind-set that people will challenge my thinking, my approach and this will develop me as a person and a professional. It’s not a personal attack, it’s constructive pointers in order to move forward, and I’m open to this.


·         What is it you do? Emm…. I’m working on a PR campaign just now… emm… -----------…....> to get over this emmm… I’m going to work on a 60 seconds pitch to sum up exactly what it is in a succinct way what I’m doing right now- being more succinct isn’t a bad thing is it?

On the succinct note, I’ve purposely made this blog a wee bit shorter (as it’s later at night at the time of writing and we’re all a bit knackered after a fun filled day!), as I’m working on getting my points across quicker J

My Linkedin and Twitter are still abuzz from today, and I’m going to bed feeling good, and that I’ve achieved something today.

Daney over and out for now!


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