Sunday, 6 December 2015

A kiss of life for ‘Daney’

A kiss of life for ‘Daney’

Hello and happy Sunday #Daneyblogs readers/friends/supporters- hope you’re all wrapped up warm today, and not being too affected by the Forth Road Bridge closure..

Okay, so, this blog is a real departure from my other blogs and like all the best things which have happened recently, this blog has come about unexpectedly…

This blog has all stemmed from a chance encounter I had today in the Edinburgh Princess Mall Food court with a random, sweet guy who ended up kissing me on the cheek in Sainsbury’s.

Now… let me expand on this…

Last night, I was treated to dinner by a friend who wanted to say congrats on all my Employ Daney success so far..

Being featured in the East Lothian Courier for #ComeDaneWithMe:


Being featured in the Fairer Scotland Blog:


Being called by the producers from Come Dine With Me:
Securing 5 job interviews directly on the back of Employ Daney:
 & many more:

As it is the party season, we had a couple of festive fizzes as part of our celebrations. As a result, today, I just fancied some KFC comfort food...

So, off I went to KFC….

There were no seats available indoors at KFC so I just ate my food outside in the food court, standing. This guy appeared from nowhere and with his broad accent said (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘that lassie over there is stunning’ to which I replied (trying to subtly say… I’m gay and don’t fancy girls) ‘yeah, she has a stunning designer bag’… to which he clicked and apologised, saying “I didn’t offend you did I” I said (chuckling away) “no, you’re fine, honest”. So first off, the fact that he was really respectful of my sexuality, that was so cool.

I then quietly nipped off to put my stuff in the bin, and toddled into Sainsbury’s for some chocolate. So, here he appears again, really chuffed to see me like we’re old friends, and said “Hey, we meet again”, and then shook my hand, hugged and gave me a big kiss on the cheek, and then parted with (again, paraphrasing here) “You smell really nice”.

He asked my name, I said Dane, he thought I had said ‘Dave’, which I did correct, but don’t know if he caught it. I asked his, and I’m sure he said “Theo” or “Leo”, I was genuinely still taken aback (in a good way) by the whole encounter. It was just so random, but so cool.

The reason why it has so much significance is that it genuinely made me smile and really lifted my spirits after a tough week emotionally and has motivated me to write another blog again, and to do so from the heart.

The ‘What If’s’ have been springing to mind….

I’ve been shying away from blogging just now as I’ve had a short spell of feeling lost professionally. Upon my upcoming freelancing journey, I’ve been suffering what I can only describe as stage fright. I’m only human and have been really worried about what lies ahead. All the ‘What if’s’ – What if…. It doesn’t work? What if…..clients don’t like my different, creative approach… etc.  as well as all the non-PR/Marketing things I’ve to think about too which come part and parcel of going it alone.

And the Christmas season is here……

I’ve also been feeling pretty overwhelmed with the upcoming festive season (like many of us). Although I believe it’s all about our loved ones, and spending time with them is what matters, not having as much income as I would normally to spend on people for Christmas has got me down a bit. I like to be quite lavish, and I’ve always worked near Christmas, so this year, with a much lower income, I’ve felt the pinch and I really just want to give back as much and more of what all my loved ones have gave me this year.

Back to today….

So, back to today, despite stresses, I came away smiling from such a random act (of what I can only describe as sweetness). The guy took a chance, to kiss a complete stranger/another guy in public, it really mirrors what I’m doing with Employ Daney (even though I’m not physically kissing anyone). I’m putting myself out there, and how someone is going to react to a blog post, a social media post, I never know, just like that guy today didn’t know how I would react today.

So with a new week about to start, I’ll be working hard to get re-energized and face my fears of freelancing and tackle them head on. After all, what have I got to lose?

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