Monday, 28 March 2016

Brewed & Baked: Brewing up ideas for the local Musselburgh community

Brewed & Baked: Brewing up ideas for the local Musselburgh community

Hello and welcome to a very special Brewed & Baked blog edition. It’s been a while since I’ve written I know, but I just had to share with you all the great lunchtime experience I had at Musselburgh’s newest café in town, Brewed & Baked today.

I had the pleasure of visiting Brewed and Baked with CHANGES volunteer coordinator, Beth today for a hot chocolate and catch up about my part-time, voluntary PR and Social media work with CHANGES which I do out-with my full time work with bid specialist organisation, AM Bid Services.

I was keen to hear more about all the exciting fundraising activities Brewed and Baked are doing to for CHANGES Community Health Project in the form of their exciting ‘Charity of the week’.

‘Charity of the week’ is a week filled with daily initiatives to raise money for CHANGES. From naming the bunnies, to an acoustic music night taking place this Friday 1st April. This week really has something fun for everyone.

So, when Beth and I got to sit down with Cheri Lynd (who co-owns Brewed and Baked with husband Andy Lynd) we decided to do a Q&A to find out more about this exciting new café and why you should shop local.

Brewed & Baked Quick Facts:

  • Opened in Musselburgh 4 months ago
  • Opened as a one off, with the intention and hope of franchising later
  • Owners are Cheri & Andy Lynd
  • Active in the local Musselburgh community
  • Open 8am-6pm Monday- Saturday & 9am-5pm Sunday
  • Situated on 83 High Street Musselburgh

Q&A with Brewed & Baked Manager, Cheri

D&B: What does the Musselburgh Community mean to you?

C: It is the reason we’re here. Every person who walks through the door is valued. We’re grateful and delighted they’ve chosen to visit us.

We pride ourselves on creating a warm relaxed, inviting café that our local community can come time and time again.  We want our customers to come in, forget about their worries, enjoy our wide range of custom made drinks (we create them how YOU like them) and a delicious snacks selection.

We go beyond just selling food to the Musselburgh community, we’re actively involved in community causes. We’re currently supporting CHANGES Community Health Project by dedicating a ‘Charity of the week’ to raising funds for them.

We also support ‘Reading is braw’ which is fantastic initiative designed to encourage and inspire children to read more.

As someone with an art background, we support the local arts and are looking to expand on this further as Brewed and Baked grows. Whether this is supporting local school clubs or commissioning local talent to put pieces in our premises.


D&B: What are you most proud off?

C: Continually being able to serve the Musselburgh community. To see the hard work, we’ve put into giving great service transpiring into people coming back again. I was so touched when a woman (who I sat down with as she seemed like she just need to talk) said to me “you’ve really cheered me up, I feel so much better after chatting with you”.

D&B: What does the future hold for Brewed & Baked?

C: Continuing to build on what we’ve got. Getting involved in more community causes. Developing our presence even further on social media, and most importantly, hearing more of our customer’s stories. Everyone has a story and we can’t wait to hear more of them.

Closing Note

When I walked into Brewed & Baked, I was instantly blown away with the attention to detail. From drinks being crafted exactly how you ask them for, the reading section for kids, the great upbeat choice of music, that feeling that you could sit and enjoy, as opposed to being rushed out. I think it’s fantastic what Cheri and the time are doing. I’ll be paying them a visit for a hot chocolate again very soon. If you haven’t already tried Brewed and Baked. You really must go! Support local!

For more information on Brewed & Baked :
Premises: 83 High Street Musselburgh
Facebook: Brewed & baked

For more information on CHANGES:
Facebook: CHANGES Community Health Project
Twitter: @changes_muss