Thursday, 10 September 2015

So…. #comedanewithme, aye? #employdaney, aye?

So…. #comedanewithme,  aye? #employdaney, aye?


Hello and welcome to my third blog (wow, 3rd blog already!) in the daneyblogs88 series, which follows on nicely from my: Would you give me your last 99p cashback voucher if you saw me selling the big issue? Blog. Again, I’d like to add, that I put these random titles to intrigue you…. I’m not really selling the big issue at the moment. I do, however, have a lot of respect for those who do, standing in all weathers trying to make some money, make a living like the rest of us. Anyway, I digress…

So, today, I’ve woken up feeling very drained, very flat, and very ‘things will never get better’ on the job search front. Screeds and screeds of ‘no experience necessary’ marketing, commission based only door to door ‘sales! (not marketing at all!) positions are clogging my feed, roles that I’m too qualified for- ‘marketing apprentice’ where the only requirements are for standard grades and an ‘enthusiasm’ for marketing are what they’re looking for. I’m sorry ‘enthusiasm’, I’d like to think have passion for what I do, not just ‘enthusiasm’ for it. So, I then thought how can I make this job search more interesting? How can I make it actually a lot more fun? How can I use my #daney personality to own my search and to get into the job I actually want?

It’s simple really. I’m going to start by inviting you, my professional peers to #comedanewithme.
Still my favourite professional style photo!

It switched on for me like a lightbulb. I realised that I have the drive, the connections I’ve built up through the years, my daney personality- which has been going strong since 1988 (okay…. Maybe my eyebrow game isn’t ‘on fleek’ but my personality is at the top of my game since then!), and both the interpersonal skills to host such an event, and cooking skills (I make a brilliant homemade chicken and chorizo homemade lasagne) to host a fun wee #comedanewithme get together, and ultimately I thought ‘why not’? What is stopping me? Nothing at all!

What is #comedanewithme?

#comedanewithme is a fun, play on words for Come Dine With Me, it’s where I, Daney am going to invite 5 professionals I both know, am keen to get to know over for dinner at the flat, serve dinner, catch up, get to know you and use it as a platform to raise my profile and awareness of my #employdaney campaign, which I’m working on to find myself a job as  PR/Marketing Assistant in a socially conscious organisation as soon as possible.

Why do I think getting you round for #comedanewithme is a good idea?

·         It’s a great chance for you to see me in my relaxed environment, see my attentive side (no one who comes for dinner with me gets to touch any of the washing up afters!), and how I make sure food ingredients are always tweaked to suit taste, for e.g. a close friend of mine loves onions, so I always make sure that I put extra in for him. This is crucial in the PR field, being attentive to our work clients

·         It’s a great chance for networking, not only am I meeting, getting to know you, you’re catching up with other likeminded professionals- your fellow  table guests. I still believe that networking is absolutely crucial and why not network over some fresh, homemade food?

  • It’ll be FUN! When it gets to about Wednesday and you’re just looking for the weekend to hurry so you can get together with closest people, this will be a nice wee mid-week pit stop to get you excited for the weekend, and break up your week!

Homemade tomato and rice soup- perfect out the freezer for mid-week night tea!


Also, ultimately, hosting #comedanewithme is a cracking, inventive way of using and developing new digital skills. Revisiting handy software such as Bitly (the one stop shop for shortening links for twitter to increase the amount of words you can say!), Canva (the simple guide to creating amazing graphics on the quick and on the cheap!). It’s also a great excuse to try new software. I’m dying to try Periscope, see what it’s all about!

#comedanewithme is also a great way of developing my writing skills even further. I’ll be drafting a press release for this, in the hope it’ll be shared by my professional peers on social media, and of course, drafting and scheduling social media posts too, which on 1 hand is second nature to me, however, on the other, as I’ve never fronted my own event before, it’s a new challenge, it’s exciting!

So…. What’s next? Well, I’m going to select who to invite, make sure I have all your dietary requirements and work on a date which suits of course!
Homemade Chicken Carbonara & homemade sticky toffee pud :) Yay or nay for the menu?
Before I leave you, the blogosphere for now, check out below my 3 #daneypositives

3 #daneypositives

·         You can do anything you can put your mind to- 1 month ago, I’d have laughed if you told me I’d start a baking craze for myself (you remember my #daneybakes of course!), and blogging? I wouldn’t have dared typing a single word of my own blog, instead preferring to blog professionally under an organisation

·         Be creative, be inventive, the old way of applying, finding jobs, making contacts is dying, it needs spruced up and I’m just the guy to do it!

·         Be true to yourself, in my job pursuit I’ve had to admit to myself ‘no, I would not like to spend all day every day data inputting for minimum wage’ whilst that’s all fine, well and good- it’s a job, I haven’t spent months getting my mental health and self-esteem back on track for to place myself in such an unsuitable position for me

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog below!

Daney over and out for now!

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  1. Fabulous ! Go for it Dane, your friends are all rooting for you