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#IndustryChats......Linsay Moore, Account Manager at Muckle Media

#IndustryChats......Linsay Moore, Account Manager at Muckle Media

Hello and welcome to this very exciting, 3rd edition of #IndustryChats.

#IndustryChats is an exciting new mini blog series where I'm giving PR/Marketing professionals in employment guest spots on this blog. Their guest spots will focus on offering their expertise and advice to unemployed PR/Marketing graduates at the moment, with the aim of empowering us through tips/lessons they've learned from the industry.

So, as this blog is being led by my fantastic guest blogger with so much great advice to share, without further delay, I'd like to introduce you to the lovely, Linsay Moore, Account Manager at Muckle Media.

Linsay Moore
Linsay joined Muckle Media from The BIG Partnership in April this year, where she previously worked on a range of consumer, charity and tourism clients for over two years, delivering PR and event management.
Since joining Muckle Media Linsay has taken the lead on a variety of accounts across the corporate and consumer sectors, helping to build brand awareness, manage events and raise the profile of clients with media and key stakeholders. Linsay also works on several social media accounts, creating content and developing client’s social media presence to help raise their profile. A graduate from Queen Margaret University, Linsay has a BA Hons in Public Relations and Media.
Industry Chats l Linsay Moore, Account Manager, Muckle Media
What's the first thing you do in the morning to set yourself up for a busy day ahead at work?
As cliché as it sounds – normally I get myself a large coffee to wake me up! Usually I read through the emails from the previous night on my commute to work, which means by the time I get in to the office I’ve got a better idea of what else is going on that day. I’m also a big lover of to-do lists, hence being called ‘LOM – Linsay Organised Moore’ in my previous role! So I always start out the day by writing out my to-do list and trying to figure out how much of the massive list can be squeezed in to one working day…
How long have you worked for your organisation and what do you enjoy most about working there?
I’ve been with Muckle Media since April of this year, starting out as a Senior Account Executive and being promoted to Account Manager in only a couple of months. I love the fact that I have such a diverse job, from putting together a two day food and drink tourism event in Oban through to setting up interviews with BBC Business and launching the world’s most expensive whisky. Previously I worked in consumer PR, so it’s nice to have a bit of a mix now and broaden my strengths and experience through working with clients across a number of sectors. 
How would you say the PR/Marketing industry has changed from the first day you started your job where you are now, up until now?
I think it has changed quite a lot in the past three years. Personally I’ve seen a lot of communications change since online platforms really took off, there’s a lot more of a focus on developing relationships with bloggers, the introduction of vloggers like Zoella, and also the shift in how you position news to an outlet depending on whether your client wants to see it in print or online. I also think it’s quite interesting how social media is changing the way companies look at setting up campaigns, not only do they have to think about how to launch their new campaign to consumers via traditional platforms but they also need to consider how/if they’re going to seed it through social media. With Instagram influencers and vloggers charging thousands of pounds now to get involved in a campaign you can see that people are changing how they get their message across to consumers.
What advice would you give you PR/Marketing graduates out there who are looking to secure a role like yours?
In short? Don’t turn your nose up at internships. I’ve known a few people throughout my University course and career who say they’d rather keep looking for full time employment than take an internship. In my opinion this is the wrong attitude to take. If you manage to secure an internship then you’ll learn far more during the three to six months you’re with that company than you would spending that time searching for jobs. Coming from someone who was only a few weeks in to a work placement when they secured a full time role with the company, it really is worth it! Organisations are giving you a chance to prove yourself and show that you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk, and at the end of the day whether you come away with a job or simply more experience, it will set you up for a more successful career in the longer term.
What recommendations would you make for the Employ Daney Campaign?
I think you’re doing a lot of things right, you’re doing something different and standing out from the crowd, you’re engaging with the industry over various platforms and you’re not afraid to put yourself out there. Honestly I think you just need to keep going and continue to attend the various networking and PR events you have been going to and keep meeting new people and getting your name out there.
....and that's a wrap! Thank you Linsay for kindly taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer these questions. For further information on Muckle Media:
Check out their website: http://www.mucklemedia.co.uk/Home
Like them on Facebook: Muckle Media
Follow them on Twitter: @MuckleMedia
On a closing note....
As a PR/Marketing graduate looking for work/opportunities reading this, is there any questions you'd have asked alongside these? If so, comment below or email me daneybash88@gmail.com so that they're incorporated into the next edition of #IndustryChats
As a PR/Marketing professional in employment, are you reading this and would like to get involved and offer your advice and empower unemployed PR/Marketing graduates? Email me daneybash88@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you.

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