Monday, 23 November 2015

#DaneyForADay… a new day for Employ Daney

#DaneyForADay… a new day for Employ Daney

Hello….it’s me…(okay, so I couldn’t resist the Adele reference!), I’d like to welcome you to the brand new blog in the #Daneyblogs series.  

What a productive few weeks it has been and my upcoming weeks are showing no signs of slowing down!

First of all, let me just say, I’m absolutely delighted with how well received my #IndustryChats mini-blog series has been so far. I’d like to say thank you once again to my fantastic guest bloggers, Stacey Dent, Dylan Macdonald and Linsay Moore for sharing their graduate empowering tips. I’m genuinely in awe that people would give up their time to be part of my blog. Thank you! In total these blogs have been read by over 500+ people and counting! Amazing!

Secondly, I’ve teased on Facebook and Twitter about the next phase in Employ Daney and I’d like to use this blog to exclusively reveal more details about it… after all, the blog was where this whole journey started.

So, I’ve been having A LOT of chats with people in the industry recently. I’ve had in total 5 interviews on the back of the Employ Daney campaign starting in September. The situation I’ve been in with interviews is that I’ve been shortlisted for the position, but then narrowly losing out at the last gasp, or the interviewer has left and they’ve scrapped our applications and re-advertised the post (yes, that part is as soul destroying as it sounds!).

I’ve been wracking my brains as to why this is happening. I’m doing all the ‘right’ things am I not? I research the company fully, I dress smartly, my CV and Linkedin are up to date, I volunteer with a fantastic organisation called Changes, Musselburgh. I’ve even been pro-active and created my own PR campaign to get myself employed, showcasing my skills and passion for the industry, and got my professional peers on board through #IndustryChats to cover relevant issues for graduates, and to show how great my network is. Oh! And the Scottish Government even asked me to blog for them and it’s been shared over 50 times online so far!

I’ve came to the conclusion that I need to change the narrative on this campaign and I need to change my approach to employment. ..The perfect job for me, is one I’ve already created for me by myself…. by accident….

You’ve heard the phrase ‘it’s a full time job looking for a job’ …well, I’ve taken this literally… I’ve accidentally created my dream job- PR and Marketing freelancing. With my first client being… well… me.

As a professional, my background is both PR and Marketing. However, honestly? I am PR focussed at heart. I’m focussed on building relationships to make a difference. That’s what I’m about. I’m genuine, down to earth and speak without the jargon.  

What and where does #DaneyForADay come in?

#DaneyForADay is brand new initiative whereby I’ll be offering my PR/Marketing support FREE for 1 DAY to a potential, longer term client (just like you reading!) as part of my new exploratory PR/Marketing freelancing journey.

With my FREE for 1 DAY approach, I will work with you on things such as:

·         Social media training/guidance

·         Marketing strategy discussion/guidance

·         Newsletter content ideas/discussion

·         Blog writing topic generation

·         Networking guidance

****The above list is an example, and will be discussed with the client on an individual basis.

Why the FREE for 1 DAY approach?

·         It’s a quick and easy way to decide whether you’d like to work with me on a longer term basis, and see whether professionally we gel


·         It’s fantastic PR for your organisation. You’re getting involved in a brand new initiative (led by a graduate) which has never been done in Edinburgh before!


Why me?

·         With over 4 years in the PR industry and having completed projects under my belt with fantastic organisations such as Support in Mind Scotland, Changes Musselburgh and Queen Margaret University, I have a lot to offer and my person-focussed approach allows you to develop a long lasting good impression your clients will remember


·         Through working with me, you’re empowering a graduate, opening your mind to a new approach to working in the industry and being even more forward thinking than your peers


Are you someone who would like to work with #DaneyForADay? Whereby you receive my knowledge, expertise and person-focussed approach to your business for FREE for the day?
Get in touch with me, and let’s discuss it further. I look forward to hearing from you.


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